Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No lap dance for Mark :/

I had to get all dressed up, like I was getting married again.

-.- I guess wearing ripped up jeans and a t shirt isn't suitable for court. It wasn't like I was anything important, I was basically just one of those witness people. Bre was the one that had to take our dad to court, for all the fucked up things he's done to her. We weren't gonna get much money, but we could get him into jail again. Darrel came with me cause he wanted to be a lawyer at some point and knew all those big fancy words, so he could translate them in normal people words.
After what felt like 8 hours later, (Which Darrel later told me it was only like an hour and 1/2), court was almost over. Dad basically pleated guilty and everything seemed pretty good. Till the judge call "Ms. Breanna Reynolds" to the stand. We all just looked at her funny. Who's Ms. Reynolds.
The judge repeated "Ms. Breanna Reynolds."
Are little lawyer dude stood up, said some fancy words that translated to "My clients name is Ms. Breanna Parker"
The judge said some stuff blah blah blah, they can talk a lot. It turns out Breanna, never was my sister? To make a long story short, I guess Mr.Parker was really my dad and not Bre's. And The Person I Called Mom, Was Really Not My Mom But Bre's. My mom died shortly after I was born. I guess him and Bre's mom where friends and lived together. And when Bre's mom got pregnant the father bailed so it was just the 2 of them. They weren't married or any shit. They just shared a house, and wanted us to have both parents so they confused us like that.
Yeah, that made sense.
So after that the judge pretty much hated my dad blah blah blah he's going to jail without bail and what not.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.....other than herpes those will follow you like a mother fucker

Before Stella and I left for Vegas, I had to make a visit at someones house. Jay's house. He thought I was there for something involving the band. Boy, he was wrong. I when I heard what he did to my sister, I felt the need to kick his ass. I couldn't beat him up badly, cause 1 I needed him to carry all the bands stuff, and I didn't want to get sued. But I did it enough that he was crying on the floor.
Then I left for Vegas. Perfect place for my honeymoon, eh? (Am I the only one who hears Vegas and thinks of the movie, The Hangover.) Anyways the plane ride seemed to take forever. Especially since I cant sleep in moving objects. I tried to do the math to find how long the plane ride was but math has always been my weakest subject. Stella said it was "like 6 hours" It felt more like 6 days.
We got one of those two rooms that really is one room thing..... I wanted Bre to come with. Yeah, ik she's pregnant but I dont want to leave her with that brumbly kid and my dad still outta jail. She stayed in that second room thing.
Anyways as a "new" married man, I thought, whats better then getting fucking Vegas. nothing. I think I went over the usually alcohol I drink....a week. Stella was pretty good at gambling so she basically went straight to doing that. I was with her till I got bored of that. Then I went to the club part of the hotel. Bre was there showing off her stripper moves. I probably would of stopped her,but at the moment I didn't give a fuck. I asked for another beer from the bar there. Then girl came up to me, her dress was shorter and tighter then Snookie, but she had the body that she could wear that. She whispered in my ear "lets go to your room.".....if I was sober I would of said no, but in my state I just saw a hot blond chick that likes to have fun in bed.
Anyway I brought her in to my room and we had some fun ;) It wasn't till about 11:30 did I realise that I was married, cheating on my wife, and that she'd be up any minute. I told the hot blond that she had to get out. She didn't seemed to care too much, she threw on her dress and just left..... I got dressed, cleaned up a bit and went down stairs. I had to go down stairs and find Stella. My plan? Act like it never happened. I thought It was a good plan. I found her at one of those game slot machines. "Where have you been hun?" she said kissing me "you smell like stripper" she laughed. I laughed with her. "I dont feel well Im gonna go to bed." I told her and started towards the elevator. "Wait" she said "I'll come with you." She grabbed all the chips she won earlier gambling. As we where going up the elevator, she was telling me about what she did and how tomorrow she wants it to just be us two, but all I could think about was, maybe I should tell her after all.....oh and where's Bre?

Monday, September 6, 2010

As she trys to cover up every bruise

"Stella's back in town, so where gonna go out." I said to bre while I was going though the clothes in my closet. She was on the floor playing with Bazzy. "Okay." she replied not really paying attention to anything I was saying. "You can have Austin over, or someone. I dont want you here alone."
"I'll call him later." she said grabbing Baz and getting off the floor. I told her I'd be home at 10 and all that shit, then I left. The date really wasn't that important, we just went out for dinner. Stella was kind of tired and didn't want to go anywhere afterwards. She kind of wanted to stay at her house that night. It was about 9:45 when I pulled in my drive way. There was a beat up, old car, I didn't recognize as one of the Brumbly's, but I didn't think really anything of it.
I was walking up the steps, to are front door, and I could her Bazzy barking really loud. It wasn't his playful bark, it was his danger bark. The door was locked and thats when I knew something was wrong. I tried to remember where I kept the spare keys, but I could only remember Darry had a pair of keys to my house. I didn't have enough time to drive over there. There was only one thing to do, break the picture window that I just recently fixed. I grabbed a baseball bat I make Bre keep in her car and with one hit the window shattered and the currents fell. I jumped through the window and saw my dad. "What the hell are you you doing?" I asked dropping the baseball bat. He was on top of Bre with a knife in his hand. Her shirt was unbuttoned and I knew what he was planning on doing.
"oh Mark, we were just talking about you." he said with a smirk on his face. I grabbed him by the shirt so he was standing, and the punched him on to the ground. He was so fat, that when he fell some of the dishes fell out of are shelf. Then I continued to beat him up, Bre grabbed Baz and ran under the kitchen table. I kind of wished Stella let me drink on are date, cause I always fight better with a little alcohol in my system. After awhile my dad said "enough." I don't know why, but I stopped. He pulled out a gun, from his cowboy boots, (Yes, my dad was one of those big country fans that wore cowboy boots -.- ) He grabbed his jacket and whipped some of the blood off his face"Im gonna leave the house know one is gonna follow me or I'll shoot both of you." the line sounded like one of those cheesy movie lines, but the gun was loaded. I knew my dad, he didn't buff about that shit. I watched as he drived away, then I went under the table where Bre was.
"hey Banana" I said trying to sound happy. "He left so, lets get out from under here." She moved her head like she was saying no. I took Baz off her lap and placed him on the floor. He was sticky which ment that Bre must of been bleeding. I pulled her out from under there and brought her to the bathroom and placed her on the counter.
"You okay?" I said looking at the cut that where all over her.
"what do you think" bre said with that little attitude she gets
"I think, we might need some more band aids."
"He hurt Baz." bre said softly
"I'll check on him when im done with you. what happened?"
Thats when Bre started crying, normally I'd hug her, but she was bleeding still and I wanted to get her bandaged first.
"Well, andrew had work, and cristy had stuff to do. I didn't want anyone else over.I dont remember when dad came in, I just remember him pulling me on the floor and and how he'd cut me when I moved or tried to get away..... he kept saying I fucked everything up."
(Sorry I would of written more but this was getting long.)

Monday, August 30, 2010

It's like SEX ON DRUGS

Since Darrel and I got our hours cut at work, we desisted to get a second job. He came over with the news paper and looked for jobs while I goofed off, like I always do.
"Darrel! I got an idea!" I yelled
"If it involves selling kidneys or going to the end of the rainbow and catching the lepercon and stealing his pot of gold I dont want to know." he said sounding serious.
"No," I said sourly. I said that once in 5th grade and he still wont let me live it down. "We should make a band."
"Thats not a job." Darry replied "It's a hobby."
"That makes money." I corrected him "There's a sign by the music store, there's a band looking for some members. It doesn't hurt to try out for it."
Darry disagreed for awhile but then his fun side started coming out and he agreed. You know he isn't serious all the time. Just with money and people being stupid.
We auditioned. I started to think they were despret because I some how became lead singer. I had no doubt Darrel would play the guitar.
Heres the other band members:

This is Charlie Davies. His Darry's favorite, because he's got the British accent. we like making him say things cause it sounds so funny. He plays bass guitar.

This is Camron Hayze. He's the drummer. He's full of energy....what ever you do dont give him red bull. We actually it's pretty funny to watch.

Our band name is Sex on Drugs. It's a funny store how we came up with the name but to keep this post from getting to long im not gonna tell it..........
We've been practicing for awhile and Friday was are first gig. It was at Buck's ;) I wasn't nervous but the rest of the gang was. I dont get nervous to often......or maybe I was just looking forward to the after party. There was a band before us playing. I had to "warm up" my voice. Cam was telling me all this shit to do that. And everyone Darry and Charlie tuned there guitars. Before we knew it. Buck called us up and I was more then ready. We sang a few songs, and we were actually really good. Well at least the crowd thought so. We got off stage and we had people wanting pictures.....we didn't even have a band myspace up and they wanted pictures. Everyone else's girlfriends where there, even Lissa. Stella couldn't make it she had to work late that night. I didn't mind too much there where tons of girls there if I got "lonely" Really all I wanted was alcohol and a good party. Anyways, I made Breanna go, and most of gang was already going to Bucks. Everyone was talking about us, it was like they forgot the first band. Darry didn't want to leave me, cause he thought I drink so much I wouldn't be able to drive home. I assure him I'd be fine. And said "that girl over there," I said pointing at Lissa "She wants you to fuck her" ;) I think Lissa and Darrel left after that :P He missed some fun, but something tells me he was having a fun himself.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

10 things I love about Breanna

10. She's my sister. I have to love her.

9. She likes to be different.

8. She doesn't care what people think. Even if your trying to help her -.-

7. Her name is Breanna. Brianna, cause that one is just over used.

6. She's a stripper and enjoys it :P

5. She can teach her stripper moves to Stella :D

4. She's takes care of Bazzy so I dont have too.

3. She always comes to me when something happened and she needs help. (Im not 100% sure thats a good thing.)

2. She says whats on her mind. A.K.A She likes to bitch at people, and thats fun to watch.

2 1/2. She doesn't bitch at me

1. She loves me. Yeah , we fight. A LOT. When we do fight it only lasts a few minutes. she's part of my family, I can always count on her. I wouldn't trade her for anything.....well maybe a life suplies of alcohol. No, I changed mind I'd much rather have her. I love my little sister and I'd do anything for her.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maybe? Yes? Anything But No

I had tonight planned out perfectly. I was taking Stella to Chalkboard Restaurant, the fanciest restaurant in Tulsa. It's also has a bar :) We had a table outside in this garden like place, it was actually pretty nice. Dont even ask about how expensive their food was. -.- Stella was in a beautiful dress, even I was dressed up. I couldn't believe I was actually nervous. I knew she felt the same way I did, and there was a small chance she'd say no, less then 1% but I wanted this to be perfect for her. By the time we finished eating I lost that nervousness. I was sure I was making the right move and tonight was going to happen even if it's not perfect. "Stella, I know today is are 3 month anniversary, but the first day I met you I knew I found the perfect girl. " I got down on one knee and pulled out a ring "Will you marry me Stella Marie Daniels?" She smiled and squealed with excitement. "Of course Mark. 150% yes." I slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her.She looked so happy, and I I'm sure I did too. The ring was my grandmother's ring. When she died she gave it to my mom. The night Bre and I had to run away she gave it to me and said to pawn it. The thing is worth a lot more then my house, but I just couldn't do it. I wouldn't of needed to work full time if I did what my mom said, but it felt like I was selling my mom. "Oh Mark it's beautiful!" She look like she was about to start crying "I love you Stella. Your the prettiest girl I've ever seen." She looked me in the eyes and said "Mark I love you so much, you dont even know." Lets just end the story there, just dont want to know. We'll keep you updated on the wedding later.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

18 Years From Yesterday..........

18 years ago from yesterday, a little girl was born. I remember this day because it was the day when I was no longer an only child, but an older brother. Haha I wanted the beginning of this to sound corny. :p haha As you all must know by now, I love birthday parties. Mainly because it gives me an excuse to get wasted. Turning 18 is a really big thing. I wanted to throw a huge party, in honor of this day. So when I heard Jannill was planning a party at the beach it would be the perfect place. We had the place all decorated before I knew it. That left 2 things cooking and find Breanna the best gift ever. The best gift would be getting All Time Low there, but that wasn't happening. Stella already got her a gift and said we could share it. but that wasn't gonna cut it. Then I thought about it for awhile......then I got it, I always promised her a........
Night came and it was time for me to pick up Bre for the surprise party, (Which im pretty sure wasn't a surprise) It was all dark when I brought her to the beach, and when she got close enough we turned on all the lights and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Then we ate, we sang, I drank a lot, and we danced. but before I got to drunk, I wanted to give bre her present. I kept it in a little white tent. Bre smiled so big when I brought it out. She went to her knees, and as that manager said in the book Because of Winn Dixie, (Or how every you spell that) It began to eat her face. "Remember how I always promised you a dog named Sebastian?" I asked Bre. she just knotted. "Well there he is." Bre quickly hugged my legs and went back to playing with her dog. Bre played with him until he fell asleep. Sebastian is gonna live with Stella and I....maybe then Bre will visit more.