Monday, August 30, 2010

It's like SEX ON DRUGS

Since Darrel and I got our hours cut at work, we desisted to get a second job. He came over with the news paper and looked for jobs while I goofed off, like I always do.
"Darrel! I got an idea!" I yelled
"If it involves selling kidneys or going to the end of the rainbow and catching the lepercon and stealing his pot of gold I dont want to know." he said sounding serious.
"No," I said sourly. I said that once in 5th grade and he still wont let me live it down. "We should make a band."
"Thats not a job." Darry replied "It's a hobby."
"That makes money." I corrected him "There's a sign by the music store, there's a band looking for some members. It doesn't hurt to try out for it."
Darry disagreed for awhile but then his fun side started coming out and he agreed. You know he isn't serious all the time. Just with money and people being stupid.
We auditioned. I started to think they were despret because I some how became lead singer. I had no doubt Darrel would play the guitar.
Heres the other band members:

This is Charlie Davies. His Darry's favorite, because he's got the British accent. we like making him say things cause it sounds so funny. He plays bass guitar.

This is Camron Hayze. He's the drummer. He's full of energy....what ever you do dont give him red bull. We actually it's pretty funny to watch.

Our band name is Sex on Drugs. It's a funny store how we came up with the name but to keep this post from getting to long im not gonna tell it..........
We've been practicing for awhile and Friday was are first gig. It was at Buck's ;) I wasn't nervous but the rest of the gang was. I dont get nervous to often......or maybe I was just looking forward to the after party. There was a band before us playing. I had to "warm up" my voice. Cam was telling me all this shit to do that. And everyone Darry and Charlie tuned there guitars. Before we knew it. Buck called us up and I was more then ready. We sang a few songs, and we were actually really good. Well at least the crowd thought so. We got off stage and we had people wanting pictures.....we didn't even have a band myspace up and they wanted pictures. Everyone else's girlfriends where there, even Lissa. Stella couldn't make it she had to work late that night. I didn't mind too much there where tons of girls there if I got "lonely" Really all I wanted was alcohol and a good party. Anyways, I made Breanna go, and most of gang was already going to Bucks. Everyone was talking about us, it was like they forgot the first band. Darry didn't want to leave me, cause he thought I drink so much I wouldn't be able to drive home. I assure him I'd be fine. And said "that girl over there," I said pointing at Lissa "She wants you to fuck her" ;) I think Lissa and Darrel left after that :P He missed some fun, but something tells me he was having a fun himself.


KitKat Curtis said...

Oh god. You guys are... Markie Poo Princess, you bring the best abd worst out of my brother. Good Job. And the band thing, dude, I was surprised you could even sing at all.

Jamie said...

what kind of 5th grader wants to sell a kidney Mark?

Dally Winston said...

I was there. I don't remember much tho haha I was waaay drunk by the time u guys played

Angela Shepard said...

I'm just shocked you guys were even sober enough to be able to get ON the stage let alone sing!

Brooklyn Cade said...

you guys were good markie(: i didnt know you could sing. haha. and james is right...who wants to sell a kidney if 5th!?!?!