Tuesday, June 22, 2010


"Mark, you okay?" I was pacing through the house. I looked all over, I picked up the rug like I thought she'd be hiding under there. I kept running up stairs to her empty room, I kept thinking, she is there, her stuff is there, Im just not thinking clearly.
"Mark!" Stella said stopping my as I ran down the stairs. "She's not here, how is she not here." I pushed her out of the way and looked into the closet for at least the 50th time.
"Well where could she have gone?" Stella said following me around the house. "I dont know! I was at work, she could be in Cali by now!" I said looking out the window. "We'll find her, its okay Mark." She said trying to caume me down. I stopped infront of the mirror. I hair was messed up, it reminded me of the first time I walked through the doors of this house. I looked like shit, my eyes were bright red, me hair looked like I had rubbed a ballon on my head for an hour. I remeber that day all to well. It was the day Bre and I ran away, also know as the day my mom died. That was the first day I wore sunglasses in the house. (Ever wonder why I wear them all the time) This time though, when I looked down at the table the mirror was on, I picked up my car keys, and threw them at the mirror. It shattered more then I thought it would. Stella screamed "Mark are you okay?"
"Please go, I'll call you later." I said not looking at her. I started heading towards the fridge. I heard her say "Bye Mark I love you" and close the door.
I took out a bottle of beer. "Like father like son." I said drinking most of it down in the first sip. I was good at holding in my feelings, they are mine and I do not need to share them. I went back up to Bre's room. I sat on her bed remembering how she cried every night for 3 months when we first moved here, and how I used to hold her and just let her cry. I saw a photo on the floor. Are dad was just starting to become a druggy, he looked a little normal. My mom looked so happy. It was my birthday, I think it was my 8th. I was blowing out the candles. Bre was 4 or 5. She was in Mom's arms. It was the last year my dad accually bought me a present. His face had proud father all over it. I moved a tv into Bre's move and puting some of are old family tapes. I must of went threw 2 cases of beer. (Thats unhealthy) but I watched all of the movies. Mark then called Darry, he needed a ride somewhere. Mark couldn't drive at the moment.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday Night PARTY!

I promised this weekend we'd have a party so you could all meet my girlfriend. I debated inviting Dallas, but in the end I had to brag about having a girlfriend and Dallas being dumped. Darry also invited Hillary, I think he really likes her. Maybe (FINALLY) he found someone. haha jk Darry. I told everyone to be nice and all, first impressions are everything. I learned that from my mom, of all people. The party was at the Curtis' house. Hillary's never been there and Darry convinced me into it. I brought Stella and Bre. Breanna sat in the back seat and Stella sat next to me in the front with her head my shoulder. I dont think Bre likes Stella that much I dont know why. She wore a pretty dark blue sparkly dress, it made her beautiful blue eyes sparkle so much, I had to keep myself from making out with her in front of Bre. We were the last ones there, but no one really seemed to mind. Im always late anyways. I introduced her to everyone. Johnny was the closest to the door, thus the first to meet her. Johnny was shy at first, but before I knew it he had her laughing. Then she met the rest of the Cade's. She loved Dawn's Danny Phantom t-shirt. Oddly they had a whole convo. about him....... She loved Brookie. She said she was different from the rest of her family. (She meant that in a nice way.) Then she met the Curtis' (minus Sodapop) Her and Pony sang Britney Spears 'Piece of Me' as a duet. (No comment) I let Kitty *cough*Fishy*cough* do there 'girl talk' After she ment the rest of the gang she asked me to go to the kitchen with her. She told me how she loved everyone, and couldn't wait till I met all of her friends Oh boy! :( I just said "Im glad you like my friends" She looked at the floor, "Mark," she said as I pulled her into a hug, "I-I love you!" I lifted her head and just kissed her, I think she got the message. She smiled and pulled me back to the room with everyone. The lights where out when we got there. "Why is-" I didn't finish my sentence because the lights turn on and everyone shouted "SURPRISE!" I started laughing, "I knew you where all here! How is it a surprise?" Stella laughed and Darry said "It's a surprise birthday party. If it was on your birthday you know it would be a party." Darry had a good point, but I think he just forgot, because his card was made with lined paper and said 'Happy Birthday love Darry' in pencil. A kindergartner could do better. But it's the though that counts.

Stella picked up a chocolate cake that was on the table. The must of sneaked it in while I was in the kitchen with Stella. Darry said Soda made it before he left cause he felt bad he was missing the party. Stella lite all the candles and lifted up the cake for me to blow them out. I blew out the candles, and Im gonna tell you what I wished for. I wished Stella and I would be in love forever, that are candles wouldn't blow out like the birthday candles. Then is when it went wrong, Bre pushed Stella so the cake fell all over her dress. It got quite and fast. Her dress was ruined, and her blue eyes no longer looked full of happiness, but sadness. She looked as if she was going to cry, she was embarrassed, and she doesn't take that very well. "Stel, It's okay." I said but it was to late

"Not it's not!" She looked at me and then Bre "I know we dont like each other, Bre, but I thought you loved your brother. You loved him so much that you'd let him be happy!" She looked back with me tears in her eyes "Im sorry Mark" and ran out. I was speechless. I felt like I missed something. "Sorry." Bre said, not meaning it.

"Bre I heard enough from you! Why cant you just be nice to my girlfriends!" My voice was so serious, I didn't no It was me talking.

"Marker-" She began to say, but I was already out the door. I found Stella crying on the side of the house

"Hey Blondie" I said sitting down next to her

"Hey Burnett?" she laughed a little making her cry less. She put her head in my lap and just cried and kept saying she was sorry. After I got her to stop crying we went home. I dropped Bre at are house and then brought Stella home.

When I got home it was about 1am. I opened the door and heard loud crying, Bre was crying on the sofa. "What happened!?" I said running over to her.

"Im sorry Mark, I just hate her so much." she said moving on the other side of the sofa.

"You'll have to learn to like her." I replied

"She's stealing you away from me, Marker." She began to cry harder. At first I thought she was over reacting. She continued "Your never home, your always out with her. And When I broke up with Dallas, you didn't say you'd kick his ass, you just said 'I told you so' and left" she went on and on. Then I realized Bre liked it when I was with her, when I would just randomly hug her and tell her she was the best sister ever. She felt that no matter what she did, someone loved her. I pulled her into a hug. "I'll kick Dally's ass tomorrow." I laughed.

"Too late!" she pushed out of the hug, but I pulled her back in.

"I love you Bre." I kissed her on the head and went up stairs.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Darry and I went to the bar the other day. We always do, when one of us needs a girl. Darry never likes to look for girls there, but sometimes I think Darry needs a one night stand. I was drinking to much and knew I was gonna have a hangover in the morning. Stella wanted me to help her find a date for her sister, cause we were bringing her on our date. I asked Darry to go out with her, she was pretty hot. I knew Darry would love her.
I got home from work and quickly to a shower. I got all dressed up and Bre started making fun of me. I heard guys look hotter in suites, so I think she just wishes Dallas looked like me :P She had to help me with the tie. When I tried it, it just looked like I knotted it. I picked Stella up, in the car Ari bought me. And we got to the restaurant at 6. Hillary was already there, she had the table reserved. Darry was a little late. He was under dressed I didn't seem to care, but he stuck out like a sore thumb. He acted more like a gentlemen then I thought was possible. Hillary had brown hair, and was a few inches shorter the Darry. I could tell just by looking at her face that she was very shy. "Hi Darry," She said Darry smiled and some how Darry got her talking. I met Hillary a few times and I hardly got her to say a word. We had a fun time. Darry took Hillary home and Stella came over to my house. She brought a bottle of champagne .... we ended up sleeping on the chouch I dont feel like writing anything else so im gone end the post here.

Stella and I sleeping on the couch

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stella My Star

Darry and I were working on the other side of town lately. Last week Tuesday I think we worked at a big house, where one person lived. Damn, It was hot outside that day and I was even wearing my tight muscle shirt. The girl who owned the house was very nice for a socs. She was A little younger then me. She had blonde hair and wore a short dress. After work Darry and I stopped to talk to her. I found out her name was Stella Daniels. I guess her great great grampa (or something of that sort) made the whiskey. Darry and I also remember her being in are school. We didn't talk then because you know Socs v.s. Greasers, but she was a cheerleader it's hard not to notice her. Long story short Darry and her have become good friends.... and well me and her are, dating. Yes Mark is no longer single. Im hoping we can all meet her this weekend. Everyone but Soda since he's on his honeymoon. He can met her later. Breanna met her but she never told me if she liked her to much. Then again I haven't been home too long. She's always out with Dallas and im always out with Stella. I bet she enjoys not being yelled at.

Last night we hung out at my house. We sat in the back yard and looked at all the stars. I never relized how pretty the stars are when all the lights are out. Stella told me her name ment star. I told her, "Your name fits you perfectly. Your as pretty as a star." She smiled and kissed me. I think I should buy her a star.