Monday, April 19, 2010

Night At The Bar

Dani is the one in pink....I didn't feel like uploading a pic of just here. :P

Thats Tori

Darry and I decided we were going to go to the bar tonight. I needed a girlfriend, being single just ain't my thing. Well I invited Johnny to come with, he needs a girl too. And he's a pretty cool kid. We knew the bar owner so, he had no problem with Johnny. It was getting close to 10:30 and the bar closes at 11:30 on weekdays. I didn't think we would find anyone. I met some where girls, but I tried to follow Bri's rule "No bringing home slutty little whores" So those girls where out. Johnny found a girl though her name was Tori. She seemed like a nice blonde. Smarter then most blondes, Johnny didn't really let me talk to her too much cause he knows how I got a thing for blondes. She was real cute. They both liked......muffins. Haha! It was the first question Johnny asked her. I was gonna go home after that, I was thinking maybe tonight just wasn't my night. As I was walking out I heard these girls talking. Their laughter was too loud to ignore. I looked up and thats where I saw Dani. She was with three other girls, dont get me wrong they where pretty but something about Dani that I liked. I walked over and talked to them for awhile. She was funny as well as hot. Weirdly enough she wasn't a blonde. I guess theres a first 4 everything. She was telling me she was in this band, and she traveled lots of places. London, New York, L.A....... It was really cool. I cant tell you what happened after that, but it was a pretty wild night!

Heres a pic of Tori:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A little talk with Austin

Well if you read Bri's post you would know who Austin is. Well he made a move on Bri the other day, and I was not okay with that. Bri is my baby sister. If you mess with her, I'll mess you up. I told Bri that Darry, Dallas, and I where going to have a "talk" with Austin. She protested at first but I convinced her that we would be safe and there was nothing 2 worry about. We would just talk to him,but if he started something we are allowed to fight him. Then she wanted to come, and I just dont know what I'd do if she got hurt, so i said "No" We got there at 8pm not to late. Dallas went to talk to the rest of there gang, while Darry and I looked for Austin. He was in the back lighting a cigarette. "Who are you?" he said in a harsh voice. I knew he was just trying to look tuff, to a regular person he probably did, but not me. "Im Mark. Bri's brother." I said with little emotion. Darry introduced himself and said we needed to have a talk with him. Austin had us sit down on the couch, he sat infront of us on a bar stool. Darry did most of the talking from there. Just looking at the guy made me want to kill him, and Bri wouldn't talk to me ever again if I did so I just looked down at my shoelaces. Then I started counting the puke stains on the rug. I listen to every word that came out of Austins mouth. He said he didn't know Bri had a boyfriend, that she never told him. Which I knew was a lie. When Darry was done talking I said "I dont want you to touch her, you got that?" I said giving Austin the death stare.

"To bad we already had fun in my bed." Austin said smiling

"Shut up, unless you want me to make you." I said straightening up

"What are you going to do Mr.Pettite?"

After that I decited to show him what I'd do. I knocked him off the stool. When he hit the ground it got quite. Dallas and Austin's gang ran into the room, to see what happened. I jumped on Austin and started punching him like crazy. Austin is stronger then he looked and it seemed like we took turns punching each other. Before I knew it everyone was fighting in the room. The rug would now have more then just puke stains. I dont know when it ended. I know i beat the shit out of Austin. He was basically crying, he promised me he wouldn't bother Bri anymore. Darry drove us home after that, we got what we needed out of us. In the car Dallas was complaining about how his hand hurt. I guess you should be in a fight if your hand is shattered. Bri, I think we solved that problem.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey Guys!

Hi! Im Mark Parker! My younger sister, Bri, convinced me to join the blogging world! haha! My cousins are Steve Randle and Carson Randle. Im 5'6 ,have blackish brown hair and blue eyes. I can be very protected over Bri, but most brothers are for there younger sisters. Im single, but hopefully I can change that soon! haha! I'll post something really up soon.