Sunday, November 14, 2010

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.....other than herpes those will follow you like a mother fucker

Before Stella and I left for Vegas, I had to make a visit at someones house. Jay's house. He thought I was there for something involving the band. Boy, he was wrong. I when I heard what he did to my sister, I felt the need to kick his ass. I couldn't beat him up badly, cause 1 I needed him to carry all the bands stuff, and I didn't want to get sued. But I did it enough that he was crying on the floor.
Then I left for Vegas. Perfect place for my honeymoon, eh? (Am I the only one who hears Vegas and thinks of the movie, The Hangover.) Anyways the plane ride seemed to take forever. Especially since I cant sleep in moving objects. I tried to do the math to find how long the plane ride was but math has always been my weakest subject. Stella said it was "like 6 hours" It felt more like 6 days.
We got one of those two rooms that really is one room thing..... I wanted Bre to come with. Yeah, ik she's pregnant but I dont want to leave her with that brumbly kid and my dad still outta jail. She stayed in that second room thing.
Anyways as a "new" married man, I thought, whats better then getting fucking Vegas. nothing. I think I went over the usually alcohol I drink....a week. Stella was pretty good at gambling so she basically went straight to doing that. I was with her till I got bored of that. Then I went to the club part of the hotel. Bre was there showing off her stripper moves. I probably would of stopped her,but at the moment I didn't give a fuck. I asked for another beer from the bar there. Then girl came up to me, her dress was shorter and tighter then Snookie, but she had the body that she could wear that. She whispered in my ear "lets go to your room.".....if I was sober I would of said no, but in my state I just saw a hot blond chick that likes to have fun in bed.
Anyway I brought her in to my room and we had some fun ;) It wasn't till about 11:30 did I realise that I was married, cheating on my wife, and that she'd be up any minute. I told the hot blond that she had to get out. She didn't seemed to care too much, she threw on her dress and just left..... I got dressed, cleaned up a bit and went down stairs. I had to go down stairs and find Stella. My plan? Act like it never happened. I thought It was a good plan. I found her at one of those game slot machines. "Where have you been hun?" she said kissing me "you smell like stripper" she laughed. I laughed with her. "I dont feel well Im gonna go to bed." I told her and started towards the elevator. "Wait" she said "I'll come with you." She grabbed all the chips she won earlier gambling. As we where going up the elevator, she was telling me about what she did and how tomorrow she wants it to just be us two, but all I could think about was, maybe I should tell her after all.....oh and where's Bre?