Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No lap dance for Mark :/

I had to get all dressed up, like I was getting married again.

-.- I guess wearing ripped up jeans and a t shirt isn't suitable for court. It wasn't like I was anything important, I was basically just one of those witness people. Bre was the one that had to take our dad to court, for all the fucked up things he's done to her. We weren't gonna get much money, but we could get him into jail again. Darrel came with me cause he wanted to be a lawyer at some point and knew all those big fancy words, so he could translate them in normal people words.
After what felt like 8 hours later, (Which Darrel later told me it was only like an hour and 1/2), court was almost over. Dad basically pleated guilty and everything seemed pretty good. Till the judge call "Ms. Breanna Reynolds" to the stand. We all just looked at her funny. Who's Ms. Reynolds.
The judge repeated "Ms. Breanna Reynolds."
Are little lawyer dude stood up, said some fancy words that translated to "My clients name is Ms. Breanna Parker"
The judge said some stuff blah blah blah, they can talk a lot. It turns out Breanna, never was my sister? To make a long story short, I guess Mr.Parker was really my dad and not Bre's. And The Person I Called Mom, Was Really Not My Mom But Bre's. My mom died shortly after I was born. I guess him and Bre's mom where friends and lived together. And when Bre's mom got pregnant the father bailed so it was just the 2 of them. They weren't married or any shit. They just shared a house, and wanted us to have both parents so they confused us like that.
Yeah, that made sense.
So after that the judge pretty much hated my dad blah blah blah he's going to jail without bail and what not.


Darry Curtis said...

yea i pretty much stopped the lawyer phase after two weeks. and i was just as shocked as you were.

Angelica Winston said...

O.o That's pretty screwed up Marky Mark

Jamie said...

are you gonna go on one of those finding your true self journeys now? :O

Angelica Winston said...

It could be like a Lifetime Channel movie!!!

Angela Shepard said...

I can see it now! How I Found Me Inside Me: The Journey of Mark Parker.

Mark Parker said...

haha yeah Darrel that didn't last long :P but you do make a lot of money.
Angela how did you know Im starring in that movie -.-

Brookie Cade said...

wha da fuuuu?!?! o.O that's jus trippy! xD

Anonymous said...

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