Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maybe? Yes? Anything But No

I had tonight planned out perfectly. I was taking Stella to Chalkboard Restaurant, the fanciest restaurant in Tulsa. It's also has a bar :) We had a table outside in this garden like place, it was actually pretty nice. Dont even ask about how expensive their food was. -.- Stella was in a beautiful dress, even I was dressed up. I couldn't believe I was actually nervous. I knew she felt the same way I did, and there was a small chance she'd say no, less then 1% but I wanted this to be perfect for her. By the time we finished eating I lost that nervousness. I was sure I was making the right move and tonight was going to happen even if it's not perfect. "Stella, I know today is are 3 month anniversary, but the first day I met you I knew I found the perfect girl. " I got down on one knee and pulled out a ring "Will you marry me Stella Marie Daniels?" She smiled and squealed with excitement. "Of course Mark. 150% yes." I slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her.She looked so happy, and I I'm sure I did too. The ring was my grandmother's ring. When she died she gave it to my mom. The night Bre and I had to run away she gave it to me and said to pawn it. The thing is worth a lot more then my house, but I just couldn't do it. I wouldn't of needed to work full time if I did what my mom said, but it felt like I was selling my mom. "Oh Mark it's beautiful!" She look like she was about to start crying "I love you Stella. Your the prettiest girl I've ever seen." She looked me in the eyes and said "Mark I love you so much, you dont even know." Lets just end the story there, just dont want to know. We'll keep you updated on the wedding later.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

18 Years From Yesterday..........

18 years ago from yesterday, a little girl was born. I remember this day because it was the day when I was no longer an only child, but an older brother. Haha I wanted the beginning of this to sound corny. :p haha As you all must know by now, I love birthday parties. Mainly because it gives me an excuse to get wasted. Turning 18 is a really big thing. I wanted to throw a huge party, in honor of this day. So when I heard Jannill was planning a party at the beach it would be the perfect place. We had the place all decorated before I knew it. That left 2 things cooking and find Breanna the best gift ever. The best gift would be getting All Time Low there, but that wasn't happening. Stella already got her a gift and said we could share it. but that wasn't gonna cut it. Then I thought about it for awhile......then I got it, I always promised her a........
Night came and it was time for me to pick up Bre for the surprise party, (Which im pretty sure wasn't a surprise) It was all dark when I brought her to the beach, and when she got close enough we turned on all the lights and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Then we ate, we sang, I drank a lot, and we danced. but before I got to drunk, I wanted to give bre her present. I kept it in a little white tent. Bre smiled so big when I brought it out. She went to her knees, and as that manager said in the book Because of Winn Dixie, (Or how every you spell that) It began to eat her face. "Remember how I always promised you a dog named Sebastian?" I asked Bre. she just knotted. "Well there he is." Bre quickly hugged my legs and went back to playing with her dog. Bre played with him until he fell asleep. Sebastian is gonna live with Stella and I....maybe then Bre will visit more.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Moving Things. Not Fun.

"Mark honey," Stella said pulling me out of the front bush. "How much have you been drinking. It looks like you slept out here in your underwear." She was half laughing as she said this. I looked around, I was in my boxers with a bottle of beer in my hand and the front window was broken. It looked like I feel threw it. I wonder how that works. "What are you doing here?" I asked feel very out of it. "Its been a week and you haven't called me. I got worried, I guess." She said walking me threw the front door. "I dont want people seeing my hot boyfriend in his tighty whities." She laughed. "I missed you," I manged to say in my confused state. She began to give me a lecture on how I needed to drink less. Then she asked me why I was drinking so much. I didn't really know the answer. Maybe it was I missed Bre. Or I just hated being alone. A big house, by myself. Im kind of like a 5 year old, I always have to be with someone.I told her this and she some how understood. (One thing I love about Stella. She always gets what Im trying to stay. Even if im just mumbling.) "How about I move in with you." Stella said her eyes glistening with happyness. "Breanna would kill me if I let you move in with us." I said a little disappointed. "Bre? She doesn't live her anymore!" Stella said confused. "Oh right," I said reminding myself of the past week. "Sorry, I guess im so use to making desisions with Bre in mind. Lets move your stuff in." We spent the whole day moving her things into the house. I never relized how small are house was until we had to move her things in. Maybe she just had a lot of stuff.Stella got her own room for all her things. She isn't sleeping there though. She's sleeping with me in my room, duh. I was just to lazy to make room in my room for all her things.(Like there's enough room anyways) That took the whole day until we went to bed. Which then I was awaken from my slumber at 11 am from a phone call from my little sister. She said something about missing my nagging and blah blah. She said she was gonna move back in. I wasn't gonna tell her about Stella moving in so I just said "Sure, I'll help you move your shit back into the house." Stella left after breakfeast to get paint for her room. And Bre came with her thing shortly after Stel left. We got Bre's room all back to normal, when Bre noticed all of Stel's stuff in the room across from her's. "MARK!" She yelled "Don't tell me that slut is moving in with us." "Sorry kiddo." I said messing up her hair "Stella's at the store getting paint for her room. Bre then continued to say how I was making a mistake but I didn't seem to listen. I gave her a lecture on what would happen if she hurt Stella or her things. Stella was home about 5 mintues after the convo Breanna and I had.We painted Stella's room purple. And we were going to paint the ceiling with stars. But I had to pee first. Not peeing all day is bad for you bladder. When I was in there, I could hear yelling between Bre and Stella. Im not really sure who started it. But I had to end it. I quickly washed my hands and was out to where the 2 girls were calling each other nasty names. "Mark, I cant belive you let this slut move in with us!" Bre said pointing towards Stella.

"Me the slut? Im not the one working as a stripper!" Stella responding to Bre.

"Speaking of jobs, Bre you can quit that job since there's no more baby." I said

"Bre isn't having a baby anymore. Im sorry." Stella said

"Are you saying I look like preggo?" Bre said insulted.

I kissed Stella before anyone could say anything. "Oh sure Mark, fuck Stella.Even though she hates your sister." Bre said. I got Stella working on the ceiling and went to check on Bre. She was pretty pissed at me. After a long convo with bre I told her I'd make it up to her. Stella's room was finished by the time we were done, and It was amazing. All I could think about was Bre, So Stel, helpped me figure out a way to make it up to her.........(I'll post about it later)..........