Monday, September 6, 2010

As she trys to cover up every bruise

"Stella's back in town, so where gonna go out." I said to bre while I was going though the clothes in my closet. She was on the floor playing with Bazzy. "Okay." she replied not really paying attention to anything I was saying. "You can have Austin over, or someone. I dont want you here alone."
"I'll call him later." she said grabbing Baz and getting off the floor. I told her I'd be home at 10 and all that shit, then I left. The date really wasn't that important, we just went out for dinner. Stella was kind of tired and didn't want to go anywhere afterwards. She kind of wanted to stay at her house that night. It was about 9:45 when I pulled in my drive way. There was a beat up, old car, I didn't recognize as one of the Brumbly's, but I didn't think really anything of it.
I was walking up the steps, to are front door, and I could her Bazzy barking really loud. It wasn't his playful bark, it was his danger bark. The door was locked and thats when I knew something was wrong. I tried to remember where I kept the spare keys, but I could only remember Darry had a pair of keys to my house. I didn't have enough time to drive over there. There was only one thing to do, break the picture window that I just recently fixed. I grabbed a baseball bat I make Bre keep in her car and with one hit the window shattered and the currents fell. I jumped through the window and saw my dad. "What the hell are you you doing?" I asked dropping the baseball bat. He was on top of Bre with a knife in his hand. Her shirt was unbuttoned and I knew what he was planning on doing.
"oh Mark, we were just talking about you." he said with a smirk on his face. I grabbed him by the shirt so he was standing, and the punched him on to the ground. He was so fat, that when he fell some of the dishes fell out of are shelf. Then I continued to beat him up, Bre grabbed Baz and ran under the kitchen table. I kind of wished Stella let me drink on are date, cause I always fight better with a little alcohol in my system. After awhile my dad said "enough." I don't know why, but I stopped. He pulled out a gun, from his cowboy boots, (Yes, my dad was one of those big country fans that wore cowboy boots -.- ) He grabbed his jacket and whipped some of the blood off his face"Im gonna leave the house know one is gonna follow me or I'll shoot both of you." the line sounded like one of those cheesy movie lines, but the gun was loaded. I knew my dad, he didn't buff about that shit. I watched as he drived away, then I went under the table where Bre was.
"hey Banana" I said trying to sound happy. "He left so, lets get out from under here." She moved her head like she was saying no. I took Baz off her lap and placed him on the floor. He was sticky which ment that Bre must of been bleeding. I pulled her out from under there and brought her to the bathroom and placed her on the counter.
"You okay?" I said looking at the cut that where all over her.
"what do you think" bre said with that little attitude she gets
"I think, we might need some more band aids."
"He hurt Baz." bre said softly
"I'll check on him when im done with you. what happened?"
Thats when Bre started crying, normally I'd hug her, but she was bleeding still and I wanted to get her bandaged first.
"Well, andrew had work, and cristy had stuff to do. I didn't want anyone else over.I dont remember when dad came in, I just remember him pulling me on the floor and and how he'd cut me when I moved or tried to get away..... he kept saying I fucked everything up."
(Sorry I would of written more but this was getting long.)


Jamie said...

:/ im glad u got there in time mark idk what to say besides the obvious ur dad is fucked up

Breanna Parker said...

I hate him, so much. I think he should die.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I am never too busy to see my little McMuffin :( I feel so bad now.

Blair Matthews said...

Holy crap thats fucked up! I hope your okay Bre

Angela Shepard said...

What a weenie he is. There are certain people that don't deserve to walk this earth.

Anonymous said...

So, it occurs to me that you always complain that no one comments on your posts, yet you only comment on like, Bre's posts. :P

Jamie said...

I like your background :D its cool

Sam collin said...

Good work.
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