Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Sister's New Job

Hmmm where do I start off? This morning when Breanna told me she got a job. or the part where she told me she was working at the burger joint down the street. Or maybe when I went to Hustlers with some friends and saw her.

This morning Breanna told me since she was having a kid she wanted to get some money for him. And she wasn't expecting me just to hand her money, heck I wouldn't have any money to hand her. I foolishly believed her when she said she was working at the Burger Place, down the street. My very first job, was not at Burger Place, but that seemed like a good first job. She said her job started at 9pm because she had the night shifts. She said she'd walk there, and I'd pick her up at 2am. I told her that would be okay, cause I was planning on being up late tonight.

Dallas, Darry and I went to the club, around 10 pm-ish. Darry, wasn't planning on staying out to late because he had work on the morning. So thats why I invited Dallas. And Dallas cant refuse anything that has alcohol or hookers. I wanted to go, cause it was the first night the club was open. Someone finally bought that old movie theater, and made it in to something useful. Dallas drank a whole lot and I was probably at my 3rd drink when he said "Damn that girl looks hot!" a I looked where he was pointing and notice the girl poll dancing in the back conner looked A LOT like Breanna. Way too much like Breanna. But Bre was at work, but just to make sure that wasn't her I went over there... sadly it was her.

"Breanna! What are you doing!" I yelled over the loud music

"Hey man, dont yell at the strippers!" Dallas yelled. I didn't know he followed me over here. Infact, from the amount he drank, I didn't know he could stand up with out falling.

"Hey Marker." she said frowning. She knew she was in trouble.

"This is your knew job isn't it?"

"Yeah Mark. Im sorry. I need a job, Darry cant take care of another kid with the money he makes." she said sliding down the poll.

Sad thing is, I knew she was right. Darry cant take care of the baby. And I guess if I worked the hours Darry used to work, I could.

"We'll talk about this later." I yelled again. I waited there till her shift ended. I desisted Bre can work there until we find her a new job.


Jamie said...


Breanna Parker said...

I'm sorry Mark, I really need the money.

jannill said...

wow thats tuff but mark while bri is working there keep and eye on dall cuz u kno him

Blair said...

this makes me think of the tyra show

KitKat Curtis said...

LMFAO. Been there done that.