Monday, April 19, 2010

Night At The Bar

Dani is the one in pink....I didn't feel like uploading a pic of just here. :P

Thats Tori

Darry and I decided we were going to go to the bar tonight. I needed a girlfriend, being single just ain't my thing. Well I invited Johnny to come with, he needs a girl too. And he's a pretty cool kid. We knew the bar owner so, he had no problem with Johnny. It was getting close to 10:30 and the bar closes at 11:30 on weekdays. I didn't think we would find anyone. I met some where girls, but I tried to follow Bri's rule "No bringing home slutty little whores" So those girls where out. Johnny found a girl though her name was Tori. She seemed like a nice blonde. Smarter then most blondes, Johnny didn't really let me talk to her too much cause he knows how I got a thing for blondes. She was real cute. They both liked......muffins. Haha! It was the first question Johnny asked her. I was gonna go home after that, I was thinking maybe tonight just wasn't my night. As I was walking out I heard these girls talking. Their laughter was too loud to ignore. I looked up and thats where I saw Dani. She was with three other girls, dont get me wrong they where pretty but something about Dani that I liked. I walked over and talked to them for awhile. She was funny as well as hot. Weirdly enough she wasn't a blonde. I guess theres a first 4 everything. She was telling me she was in this band, and she traveled lots of places. London, New York, L.A....... It was really cool. I cant tell you what happened after that, but it was a pretty wild night!

Heres a pic of Tori:


Darry Curtis said...

You guys left me so I left and went with Jamie to see mr perfected

Jamie said...

haha darrel but u liked him :)
Good for you Mark wish you and tori luck ;)

Dawn Cade said...

I'm sorry D:. Dawn dawn was to lazy to read yo post,sharpie :3. So here's my comment.- mark is snazzy and is tasty like original skittles. NOT the tropical kind.

Carson Randle said...

I can't remember reading that. but you should become less obessed with yourself and take those pictures down. thanks cuz :D

Anonymous said...

Haha Car! I agree :P...Tori's wearing a Sesame Street shirt. Lol

Candie Neilson said...

Crap, I've missed out a whole bunch of shit... So hey, nice to meetcha, Mark :D

Anonymous said...

hello, i just wanna say
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so next time you do fake stories
try pictures of people that aren't so famous?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dani Gore, Really?? and characters from 'The outsiders'?? Is this some sort of weird school project??